Guide & Coach Skinny


Eating healthy is useless without discipline. Here are some things you have to remember during the program:

1. Please eat some breakfast as it is a very important meal to kick start your day. You may have some fruits, oatmeal or a bowl of whole grain cereal with non-fat milk.

2. If possible, you should have your lunch at 12-1pm and dinner around 6-7pm.

3. In between lunch & dinner, it is encouraged to have a snack (only ONCE) of a handful of fruits or 1 healthy snack that we may provide, but no other sugary/oily fried food or drinks.

4. We urge you to fit in some exercise in any form, be it cardio, yoga, or pilates at least twice during the program as it will help you burn even more calories, but just be careful not to overdo it as we want you lose weight & also be healthy.

5. You will have a diet coach & her name is Reina. You can contact her via e-mail or Whatsapp.  She will be your cheerleader, advisor, mentor & friend to help guide you through the process.

6. Drink loads of water.  It will help you cleanse off your water weight. We know it's weird that you have to drink water to get rid of water but trust us, drinking water is a necessity in any given diet program

When you've signed up & confirmed that you will join a batch, we will send you a full Guidelines and Coach Reina's whatsapp number.

*We will send you your full guidelines and menu, 3 days before the batch starts.