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• Double Batches Order, (1 Package in 2 batch OR 2 Package in one batch) 10% discount

• Triple Batches Order, (1 Package in 3 batch OR 3 Package in one batch) 15% discount 

• A MONTH Order, (1 Package in 4 batch OR 4 Package in one batch) 20% discount

*Not Applicable for Special Packages (4 Days Only or 3 Days Only Packages), Bride to Be Package, No Salt+ Package and No Carbs+ Package, Intensive Package

*Not applicable for Delivery Fee outside of Jakarta


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If you're picking - up, just type 'PICK UP' and please read our Terms & Conditions (No.3 & 4) for delivery regulations.
Information for each Package can be seen in our Price List
Our meals will arrive between 11 am - 12 pm (if weather and traffic permits) and please ask through our WhatsApp or e-mail for pick-up addresses.
Please select one or more batches
PLEASE READ: Our menu may not always suits your Dietary Special Request, however we will try to accommodate your request. And there will be an extra charge for a special request. We only accept ONE Dietary Special Request.
If you have any allergies please let us know in the box below, only one request is permitted. Only for those who have ALLERGIES
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We will send you, the order confirmation, within 24 Hours after you ordered and approaching your batch date, we will send your invoice. 

Please have a read of our Terms and Conditions

If you have any other request or questions, please email us at admin@3skinnyminnies.com, with the subject your Full Name & Batch Date, after you've submitted your order form.


1.  After you order, we will send you an order confirmation & invoice (within 24 hours after you ordered). Your invoice will be send through e-mail, within a week (7 days) before your batch starts. Deadline for Payment are noted in the invoice. Late payment will result in postponement of your program into the next batch available.

2.  If you wish to extend your program you may do so but we suggest you take 1 package first & try out the program before deciding to extend. We will send you a reminder through email. And if you do wish to extend, please notify us at the latest one day after your program ends (Saturday) just reply our email or Whatsapp us!

3.  Our delivery is from Monday to Friday, between 11 am - 12 pm only, only once lunch & dinner. For DINNER ONLY or in the Month of Ramadhan, between 4 pm - 5 pm only. Or you may pickup your meals at one of our kitchen from 10 am - 3 pm. 

If you're experiencing a delay please let us know through our WhatsApp Number (given through the email guideline we sent you or in our Instagram account) 

4.  We do not charge deliveries for JAKARTA Area. For deliveries outside of Jakarta (Bekasi, Tangerang, Tangerang Selatan & Depok, under 35 km) will be charged a delivery fee

Any change of delivery address is not allowed.

If the customer have a schedule throughout the 5 days with different delivery addresses, she/he will need to state it when she/he filled the order form, or as soon as possible (At the latest,  1 day before your batch starts). We do not offer leniency or flexibility in this matter unless it is an immediate emergency. Please consider other customers delivery as well, because changing of delivery address would disturb the delivery flow for other customers. 

5.  Cancellation during the middle of the program is not allowed and we do not offer refund after the program has started. 

6Request to change batch must be notified to us at the latest 3 days before the batch starts (the friday before your selected batch starts). If not you will need to pay a penalty charge of Rp 500,000 per package to change the batch date.

7. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that one will be present throughout the 5 days program. We do not allow changing the delivery dates outside of the dates that we have set. Except for causes where it is unavoidable from both sides. 

8.  Requests for a of dietary special request must be made when you order, we will try to accommodate for your special request, but we will get back to you as soon as we review your request. A change for a special request or meal when the program has started will not be tolerated.

9.  Additional Special Terms and Conditions for Valentine's Day Deal. You cannot change the batch, it is only available for batch 1st of February for No Salt Program & 8th of February for Regular Package (Lunch & Dinner). You cannot give your 1st or 2nd batch to a different person

A change for a special request or meal when the program has started will not be tolerated.

You might get an additional charge on your special request. We will display it on your invoice.

You might get an additional charge on your special request. We will display it on your invoice. 

To help save the environment, it is preferable for you to return our meal boxes to the courier drivers to be reused.