1) Do you have a PL?

Please see our Package Details page for details

2) Can I change my delivery address or have my food delivered to different destinations?

If you have a fix schedule on where you want your meals to be delivered throughout the 5 days, you may do so when you order. But if you want to make a change to your delivery address after you ordered or when the program has begin, we can't allow that. 

Please consider our couriers' scheduled route & other customers who will want their meal delivered on time. A sudden disrupt of schedule may cause such delay so we have a very strict policy regarding this matter.

3) Delivery Charge: 

Within Jakarta Area we do not charge delivery fee. 

Further area such as BSD, Serpong, Tangerang & Depok  will be charged a flat rate of  Rp 100,000 per day / Rp 500,000 for 5 days

4) Is this program safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers? 

We have option packages for maternity & breastfeeding mothers in which the portion & calories provided in the meals are adjusted accordingly. See our Package page for more details.

5) Can I choose the meals for the entire 5 days?

You can't pre-select the meals, we will create the menu every week. For those who has signed up, we will send you the full guidelines and menu 3 days before the program starts.

6) Can I please see the menu for a specific batch date?

We can't give you the menu when you order because we change our menu every week, we pre-select our ingredients on its availabilities and its quality. But don't worry! Just trust us that we're cooking something really tasty in the kitchen!

And for those who has signed up, we will send you the full guidelines and menu 3 days before the program starts.

7) Do you provide choices for non -redmeat, non-seafood or non-chicken eater?

Yes, we do, and you can make such choice when you register for our program.

However please do keep in mind that we created a menu not specifically for those with Dietary Request (No Red Meat/No Chicken/No Dairy etc). So our menu might not suit your Dietary Request, however we will try to accommodate your request.

8) What kind of menu do you offer? 

We a different variety of cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Western and of course, Indonesian.  We publish samples of our menu monthly which you can check out on the Sample Menu page.

9) How many kilos will I lose in the 5-day program? 

Of course, all body types differ from one person to another & they respond differently to all kinds of dieting method.  In general however, most of our clients lost 1-2.5kg after the program. Few even lost over 3kg.  In some cases where our clients are avidly into exercising & in great shape already, they would lose only 1kg but their body measurements were greatly reduced.

10) What kind of breakfast should we eat? 

Avoid sugary breakfast.  Stick with fresh fruits, overnight oats, a piece of wheatbread or weetbix with non-fat milk. If you're unsure you may ask our resident Diet Coach whose contacts you will receive once you join the program.

11) Can I please keep the Skinny Minnies Delivery bag?

It is preferable for you to return the bags to us by giving it to our courier the next day, if you want to keep the bags, there will be an extra charge, please contact us for more info.

12) What are the SkinnyMinnies diet rules?

Please see our Guide page for more details.

13) Is this a Mayo Diet? 

No, we are not. We more closely resembles Rocco diSpirito's one pound a day diet. We use salt, and we do have sugar content in some of our meals. We also have red/brown rice, wholewheat pasta, wholewheat bread, even tortillas. We do not believe in withholding too much of anything so our motto is everything in moderation & while you're in our program, we considerately control the intake of those "forbidden" foods.

14) Is your diet gluten-free? 

No, it is not.  

15) Why is the SkinnyMinnie program so expensive? 

One word.  Ingredients!  We mostly use imported vegetables (yes, even our carrots are imported!) and products.  Only the best kind of olive oil, pasta or even tomato paste. Most importantly, the proteins we use (except chickens) are top grade quality imports. The beef we use is Australian (yes, our Rawon & Gyu Tan Don menu used Aussie beef too!).  Our weekly menu almost always include Salmon, which is imported from either Tasmania or Norway depending on availability.  Once in a while we would sneak in a Wagyu steak into the menu so be sure to often visit our Menu page .

16) Why should I join the SkinnyMinnie program? 

Because diet shouldn't also mean having to suffer all the time.  Because diet can also equal great food.  Because we want you to be able to maintain your weight loss by getting used to eating everything moderately & for you to be aware of the calories intake that your body receives daily. Because, and this is very important so we're saying it twice, our food kicks ass!

17) How do I pay by credit card?

In the Order form, there's a payment option, and you can select either Bank Transfer or Credit Card. If you choose Credit Card, MidTrans will charge you an extra 3,5% out of all you order.

18) I've submitted my Order Form, now what should I do?

Sit back and relax! We will send you, the order confirmation, within 24 Hours after you ordered. And approaching your batch date, we will send you your invoice. Don't stress, we got you!

19) Is it safe paying by Credit Card?

When we send you the invoice, we'll send you the link by Veritrans to pay by credit card.

It is totally safe, Veritrans is Verified by Visa & Mastercard SecureCode. You will receive a token via SMS (if you've applied that service from your bank) to secure your payment.

20) I got some more questions, where and how can I contact the admin?

E-Mail - admin@3Skinnyminnies.com

Whatsapp Chat - 081289398936 (❌📞)

LINE ID - @rcf3828x (use @)

What are you waiting for, start now and feel the difference.