About Us

The Skinny Minnies Story

We're 3 great friends who love to eat good food but like all girls, we continually obsess about how wolfing down all those ovomaltine martabak will affect our body (i.e. Standing over the scale with cold sweat running down our temple while we grit our teeth as the digits rise up not-so-slowly). So we start exercising regularly, tried on this diet and that, and some worked really well while some failed miserably.  

Throughout our culinary dieting adventure, an idea kept popping back into our minds. Why do diet food have to taste like diet food, and why do we associate dieting with suffering & torture?  You see, if there's another thing we love to do more than try out new restaurants & eat, we absolutely LOVE to cook (not to toot our own horn but may we say we're quite known amongst our friends to be fantastic cooks). 

So we thought, if we know how to make good food, why not make our own healthy meals everyday?  Wouldn't a diet be so much more enjoyable if we use the best quality ingredients in our meals?  Norwegian salmon or a Yellowfin tuna doesn't need a lot of fluff to taste like a star on our plate.  Wagyu beef only required  a sprinkle off salt n pepper to be a winner, really, topped with caramelised onion and paprika if you want to elevate it a bit.  4-hour slow cooked Aussie Tenderloin "Ossobuco" style soup?  Use the best beef, get some huge stalks of imported celery & super sweet carrots to stew together with fresh organic tomatoes.

We went all out, so many ideas in our heads as we bought iBooks on dieting, researching the internet, experimented in our kitchen and on our husbands, family and friends.  Recipes & improvisations on beloved recipes took place.  We had such a blast trying out our food daily, comparing weight losses & body measurement reductions everyday until we were sure that what we were doing really worked. 

To our delight, our friends and family all loved what we did, ate the meals we made, lost quite a few kilos after 5 days.  Long story short, more and more people started asking to join, so one fine day we got together and 3SkinnyMinnies was born. 

We decided to do this because we believe in our program and we love cooking for people.  We want to share an experience of dieting that is quite unlike others, that eating healthily can be kind of fun when you can get excited as you wait for your next meal to be delivered, looking forward to try out what we made for you that day.  

Lastly, we also want to remind you that losing weight shouldn't also be the only main goal as you consider joining our program.  We're called SkinnyMinnies but being skinny is only a fraction of what we want you to achieve as you diet.  It's about eating healthy, fantastic food while losing weight.  We hope you will have a fun 5-day culinary diet adventure with us and we can't wait to have you join our program!


Much Love,

The SkinnyMinnies